Composite Doors Supplied and Fitted Liverpool

Composite Rock Doors are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of doors that customers can install on their homes. There are some huge advantages to choosing this type of door as opposed to some of the standard makes such as wood, UPVC or steel. Here at Halewood Windows, we can help to supply and install composite doors in Liverpool homes. A local independent supplier with a good reputation across the county, we can guarantee a service of the highest order.

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Like all products, there are better qualities of doors and there are worse qualities of doors. It all depends on how the door has been made; from the cost of the materials used to the actual specs of the design. Wooden doors are problematic as they need regular attention over the years, UPVC is not the most visually pleasing and glass does not provide enough security for some home owners. However, composite rock doors are a solution to all of these common door woes.


An example of one of our composite rock door installation in Liverpool

What are the benefits of composite rock doors?

Using a number of materials to harness all their individual strengths, composite rock doors one of the strongest and most stylish options that homeowners can select. They contain a rigid frame that keeps the rock door sturdy and safe. Meanwhile, the outer frame consists of UPCV to reduce weather damage and keep the door looking great no matter how much rain, snow and wind hits it. The durability ensures that home owners do not have to maintain it as frequently as other options. Composite rock doors should never need painting.

Why choose Halewood Windows for your composite doors?

Halewood Windows’ selection of rock doors come in a wide selection of colours and styles. This means you can tailor it specifically to the aesthetic of your home. You don’t have to do it at the expense of important things like sturdiness and security either. Furthermore, our reasonable prices mean you can get a composite door for an affordable price.

Halewood Windows is named after its location – and has many years of experience in working with home owners. We have been providing things like conservatory roofing to double glazing windows in Liverpool and Merseyside for many years. All of our services come with a free no obligation quote if you would like to compare prices and find out more about what we can do for you. Contact us now for more information on Composite Rock Door installations in Liverpool.