Christmas is a great time for having a composite door. It’s a time of year when the temperature drops, when you often want to have a visually pleasing and welcoming front door to fit decorations, and burglary rates skyrocket.

While that may seem like a jarring comparison, these are all pressing matters at Christmas time, and all issues that can be resolved with a composite door from Halewood Windows. Traditional door construction materials and methods have stood the test of time, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses that hold them apart, and with composite construction, those weaknesses can be erased.

Wood, for example, is sturdy and a solid insulator, but is easily damaged by the elements and requires extensive upkeep or it will warp, rot and generally cease to be suitable as a door.

Steel is sturdy, but not a great insulator, and also requires heavy upkeep to prevent rust and decay, and glass is far too fragile to provide any kind of security to a homeowner.

UPVC is a good insulator, and stands up to the elements excellently, but is often too flimsy and unsightly to be a primary construction material.

The answer seem obvious now: that if the materials could be combined, their strengths could cancel each other’s weaknesses, leading to a much better door – the composite door. Composite doors combine the lightweight nature of PVC with its incredible longevity, the availability and sturdiness of steel and wood, and the stylishness of glass to create a door with all the strengths of the previous materials, and none of the weaknesses.

This Christmas, when you need to attach a wreath to your front door, considering a composite door will make sure the display looks great. With a blizzard fiercely blasting outside, a composite door will help keep your home warm and snug, so even the depths of winter can’t get in, and the security provided will help keep you and your family safe from the heartbreaking spike in crime around Christmas time. On top of all that, the door will never need to be repainted, or proofed against the elements, meaning it will last as long as you need it to, with no hassle. Warmer, safer, sturdier, and more stylish – the best Christmas gift to yourself may be something wholly unexpected, and it may have hinges and a doorbell attached.

So if you are looking for Composite Door installation in Liverpool call us now.