Conservatories and Tiled Conservatory Roofing in Liverpool and Merseyside

Our high quality conservatories for Liverpool homes are available in various beautiful designs which can, of course, be tailored to your individual requirements and needs. We will design your conservatory around the garden and home’s layout in order to make sure everything fits perfectly.

Different homes suit different conservatories, but our VEKA installers can easily create bespoke designs to ensure that you get the conservatory of your dreams and enjoy it for years to come.

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Often times referred to as “sun-room” the lean to conservatory is without a doubt the most popular and simplest type. It consists of a sloped roof which runs parallel to a house wall.

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The popular Edwardian conservatories feature a rectangular design, which is great for the optimum use of the available space. Symmetry is achieved thanks to the ridged roof system.

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The Victorian conservatories feature five (or sometimes three) faceted end walls and ridged roofs. This helps to achieve a half-rounded look. The beautiful design, however, can sometimes be restricting when it comes to the furniture layout.

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Edwardian Gable:

The Edwardian Gable style is usually used in new-build projects and consists of a classic shaped conservatory and a ridged roof.

P-Shape or T-Shape

If you don’t fancy sticking to a conservatory design that you can see elsewhere and if your budget allows it, why not go for a more unusual shape that suits your needs such as a P-Shape or a T-shape.

Lantern Top

Larger conservatories can benefit greatly from a lantern top roof for a classic and elegant look. The roof itself is on two levels which are separated by a number of small windows. This helps to make the conservatory feel much more spacious.


Want a modern conservatory that is also unique and stands out? Talk a Network VEKA expert to see how your unique conservatory ideas can be turned into a reality. Our experts can create a design for you based on your requirements and will make sure your conservatory’s look is a good addition to the overall design of your home.

More Information

A conservatory is a room with a glass roof or walls, which is attached to a house at one side. This is a popular way of extending your home and enjoying the sunlight, even in winter. There are many different functions and uses for a modern conservatory. It can be designed around your home and garden to ensure you make the most of your space.

The conservatories in Liverpool that we have created for our customers are usually used as dining rooms perfect for large families or even living rooms. If your home has been taken over by the kids, you could develop this space into a playroom for them to store their toys and enjoy imaginative play. If you regularly work from home, you could turn it into a home office, meaning that you can enjoy the sunlight whilst you work. If you love your garden in the summer, why not use it as a space to grow your favourite indoor plants in winter? You could add wicker furniture to give it a ‘country living’ feel.

Adding a large or small conservatory to your home does not usually require planning permission. Providing that it will cover no more than 50% of available land and will be no higher than the highest part of the roof. There should be no verandas, balconies or raised platforms.

Halewood Windows have designed many beautiful, bespoke conservatories in Liverpool and all around Merseyside.

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To chill out in the summer or to warm up in the winter, conservatories are a popular extension to have on your home. They are a stylish addition to the home that can be perfect for relaxing and improve the value of your property. Halewood Windows can provide tiled conservatory roofing in Liverpool so that home-owners can keep their conservatories warm, safe and protected from extreme weather.

How your home can benefit

A conservatory can be an excellent addition to your home for many reasons. It’s a great investment because it can be used all year round. Conservatories in Liverpool are very sought after specifically because of the weather in this area. Remaining warm in winter and cool throughout the summer, it is the ideal place to relax with the family regardless of what the weather is like. This also means that you can save on energy bills as you do not need air conditioning or heating to stabilise the temperature. Coming in all kinds of styles, you can tailor this type of home extension precisely to the aesthetic of your home and ensure that it looks stylish. They are often so attractive that they will increase the value of your property.

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Why you would need tiled roofing

Tiled conservatory roofing in Liverpool can be provided. It can be tailored to the look of your conservatory with a wide range of colours and looks and styles on offer. The cost of this conservatory roof will cover installation, which will make sure your space is protected throughout any kind of extreme weather conditions. But they aren’t just available for people who are having a new conservatory built; they are also available for those who wish to switch from another kind of roofing. The tiles are built to be streamlined and subtle so they don’t stand out too much.

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