Date Published: February 20th, 2019

When you have a small conservatory it can be difficult to think of what furniture to fill it with. To help you decide what to turn your conservatory into we have listed some great ideas of conservatory furniture for small spaces.

1. Reading Room

A really great idea is to turn your conservatory into a reading room. You can add built-in bookcases or shelves for your books and as many comfy seats as you can fit into the space. There’s hardly anything more relaxing than reading a book under the stars. Include some warm subtle lighting and some candles to create a zen atmosphere.

2. Indoor Plant Room

If you enjoy plants or have always wanted to grow vegetables but don’t have space in the garden, you can turn your conservatory into a makeshift greenhouse. As your conservatory is made of glass you will be able to supply your plants with as much natural sunlight as there is outside but without having to compromise on the outdoor space. You can even add some wicker furniture so you can relax. Add some extra shelving for your plants so you can grow even more.

3. Dining Room

Turning your conservatory into a dining room is quite a common modern conservatory idea. Even in a small conservatory, you can really explore different decorating ideas for the space. Use your garden as a focus and inspiration for your decorating.

4. Children’s Playroom

When you have children, a lot of space can be taken up with their toys and hobbies. Turning your conservatory into a playroom for your kids can be a great way to let them have their own space and no matter how small your conservatory is, it will more than likely be big enough for your kids. You will also be able to sit in your garden and enjoy some alone time while keeping an eye on your children. You can buy nature-themed furniture to help tie in your conservatory space to the garden and give your kids their own little jungle.

5. Craft/Art Room

A small conservatory is a great space for those who like to craft or make art as you can use the windows to your advantage, receiving natural light and inspiration from your garden. You can add some shelves and drawers to store your crafting items.

6. Storage Room

If you’re running out of space in your home and you would like some extra storage your small conservatory could do the trick! Combine practical with functional by adding seating with storage underneath, drawers, cupboards, shelves and any other form of storage you can think of. It doesn’t need to look like a tiny warehouse either. If you buy wooden storage and fill the room with plants and warm lighting it can also be a place to relax.

7. Gym

A small conservatory could be the perfect place for a home gym! As long as your conservatory is big enough for some of the equipment you need, it is a great place to train surrounded by natural light and your garden. You can purchase gym equipment that combines several machines into one to conserve space.

8. Office Space

When thinking of small conservatory furniture ideas buying a desk and an office chair probably isn’t your first thought. However, if you have to regularly work from home, you will soon realise the impact retreating to a separate part of the house can have on your productivity.

9. Home Cinema

If you like the idea of watching a movie under the stars turning your small conservatory into a home cinema is a great idea! All you need is some seating, a tv and some snacks and you’ll have a cinema of your own. You can even get creative opting for bean bags or a hanging seat instead of a sofa.

10. Built-In Seating

This works best with conservatories with walls that are half wall half windows (also known as an orangery) and it will help you to make the most of the space you have. Built-in seating often has drawers underneath or lifts up to reveal extra storage.